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Bottom Line: We ensure better Grades

What is Trkr ???

Trkr is a software platform which aims to introduce students to the direct relationship between time spent on different aspects of classes and the grades which that time produces.

Built by students, for students. At Trkr we understand the types of challenges those in school face. Learn more about  the benefits of our software below

Why it matters

Tools to suceed

Protect your future while strengthening your habits. Gain access to the tools you need to improve.

Use Time Effectively

Challenging course loads require solid time management skills. Track your studying breakdown to optimize your time.

GPA matters

The average income rate for those who earned a 3.8-4.0 GPA was over $50,000 more than those below a 3.0 GPA.

Set Goals

Want to hit a target? See how each week compares to your last. Work to improve your average time spent studying.

Simple Design

Easy to navigate layout designed for students of all ages.

Compare Grades

Track correlation between grades and time spent studying from week to week.

The Trkr Difference

Time Tracking

Allowing students to track the different aspects of how they spend their time. From homework to test prep. Helping to build better study habits and accountability.​

Grade Calculator

Putting the grades required in front of students so that they can create goals throughout their course as opposed to at the end​


Allowing students to make and keep their own schedules, away from the distractions of instructor set notes​

Kanban Board

The Kanban board gives students a new way to organize themselves while introducing them to a format that they will see throughout their professional career [COMING SOON!!]

Review how time is related to grades

Improving Students study practices

Working to build an understanding of how studying works for students of all ages

The Numbers Matter

We want to help students do better

1 %
Of College Freshman end Up on academic probation
1 %
High School Students do Not Graduate

Track How you study

Simple. Fast. Worth it.

Use the tool to improve studying habits, and track progress.


Meet Our Clients

We Believe in their future

Real People.
real impact.

Building a global community

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Competitive pricing

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Annual Subscription

$ 88
  • Full Access

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